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  • The comic is not dead, it's just sloooow update. >< Thank you for reading VC^^

  • Ok, I have upload new pages so have fun^^ *VC's fan: Yay!*


  • I still haven't get any mail from our script-checker Samantha, maybe she haven't back yet from Japan.

  • Since we can't wait any longer, I will post the latest manga without her corrections. If you find a lot grammar mistakes or whatever, do ignore them >.< I will correct them once I receive mail from Samantha.

  • Starting next week, I'm going to main capital to further my studies so the updates gonna slow a bit. I'm not sure the place I will stay going to have internet line or not T-T


  • Update new pages.

  • To Satsuki: I will put up the downloads when VC2 is almost complete. Right now I want to concentrate on MAYAA new image and update my SB.


  • Re-upload the latest comic. I've just received email from Samantha yesterday. It looks like she's fine and is busier as me. Anyway, its glad to know she's still in touch or I will be in trouble to find another replacement ^^


  • LOL, I couldn't believed it! It's been 4 months since my last update on the index page. First of all, I apologize for the very late update. I'm very busy with my final projects  since this is my last semester at the university. Besides that,  I seldom went home to check out this webcomic. Moreover, new pages have been send to my script-checker last 2 weeks ago and still got no reply from her until now, I dunno what had happen to her, maybe she's busy too? Oh well, can't be help. This new pages may contain grammar error or others plz bear with it. Otherwise, it will take another weeks or 2 for the new update if I delay it again. Even though, the update is slooooow, but I could guarantee it will not discontinue unless the artist herself want to discontinue it. Anyway, plz enjoy ^^


  • First of all, we wishing you a happy new year. Yea, its kind of late and finally VC2 is back after a loooooong hiatus.

  • To Kisai-chan : I can't send you any mail, bcoz your email is blocked. Yea, I got error when send you an email.


  • Replace the new tagboard with the new one. For your information, this website is still in HIATUS along with MAYAA webcomic. I've send the newest chapter to the script-checker, and I'm still waiting for her reply. She probably busy with her activities and preparing for Christmas. When I receive her mail, I will immediately update the comic. Please be patient.


  • add Hisaru's daviantart link at menu section.


  • Add new counter


  • I got a bad news and I don't want  tell you readers. But Ahhhhhh!! Its all my fault, I misplace it and accidentally deleted it >.< The next chapter will take 2-4 weeks from now. Gomenasai minna-sama. I'm sorry that I've to trouble you Hisaru-chan T_T


  • Add new comic. Sorry to make you guys wait. Starting this semester, I've been very very very very very busy. I went to class at 8 am and went back to my room around 11-12 pm, almost everyday. So, please don't put a high hope on me to update this comic every week per page. This webcomic updates is 'random'. I can update this comic twice a week or maybe 3 weeks per page depends on my free time. As for this week, I will update 2 pages.


  • Add another new pages^^


  • Happy New Year XD

  • Upload new pages ^__^


  • Upload another page.


  • Sorry to keep you waiting >.<


  • Updated new title pic and layout.


  • OWARI~ VC1


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